The Kristin Project Begins

Here I am. I’m 49 1/2. I’m overweight and out of shape. I’ve got degenerative joint disease in my spine and knees to name a few places. And I just signed up for the St. Jude’s half-marathon.

That’s right. I just signed up to subject myself to running/walking for 13 miles. Estimated time to accomplish this face on race day – Dec. 4, 2010 – about five hours. Five hours of non-stop exercise. Somebody stop me and pass the cheese!

Some say I’m crazy. Others call me inspirational. I’d settle for desperate.

My life is so out of control. I’m a single mother with a terrible addiction – work. I am a workaholic, made all the worse because my job is trying to save the world – at least a portion of it – and that leaves precious little time for myself or anybody else. The result is the addition of joint-jarring pounds, a neglected bank account that needs serious repair and a faith that’s still strong but has been left on simmer for too long.

The Kristin Project.

That’s why I’ve devised this plan  with the slogan – “A summer to faith, fitness and financial stability” with the ultimate goal of running the half-marathon in December. Pretty cool feat for someone with her constantly swollen knees in braces, who’s not even managed to run an entire 5k yet, although I’ve run/walked plenty of them.

I have just over 5 1/2 months to get ready for the big day. Like the Little Engine that could, my mantra is “I think I Can! I think I Can!” when really it should be “Hasbi Allah.”


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